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If you have any questions, comments of feedback at all please do not hesitate to contact us. We value your opinions greatly and really do appreciate the time you take to contact us.


Please feel free to email us using whichever of these addresses you feel is the most appropriate:-

[email protected] = Support Enquiries

[email protected] = Pre\Post Sales Enquiries


We can be reached via our Facebook page should you prefer to use Facebook:


You can also reach us by phone by calling +44 (0) 844 4458182. We do try to be on hand to answer the phone, but we are a small company with a dynamic workload and worldwide customer base so our office hours vary greatly. If we cannot take your call directly please be assured that if you leave us a message one of us will respond to you within 24 hours maximum.


Please write to us at :- MLtek Limited, 2 Macklin Close, Hungerford Berkshire, RG17 0BY, UK

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