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Useful Programming Snippets.

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As we go about creating and modifying software we are constantly coming up against problems where the answer isn't immediately obvious. We wanted to share some of the anwsers to these problems with everyone as hopefully they will makes things easier for people trying to solve a problem that we alreadyhave . We'll add to this as we go and over time this should build up into a very handy little resource.

Free TraceRoute Component For .Net

Completely free simple trace route component for .net applications. 

Free .Net Symbolic Link Component

A free .net class for working with symbolic links 

Setting file and folder security in VB.NET

How to transfer NTFS permissions between files and folders in VB.NET

Impersonating the logged in user (running under logged in users credentials) in VB.NET

Brief guide showing how to impersonate the logged in user in VB.NET

Working with an Access Database in VB.NET - Creating a connection

Connecting to an access database in VB.NET

Working with an Access Database in VB.NET - Data Sets and Data Adapters

Using datasets and data adapters in VB.NET

Working with an Access Database in VB.NET - Editing rows

How to edit rows in a dataset with VB.NET

Working with an Access Database in VB.NET - Apply changes to a Data Set

Writing your changes back to a database in VB.NET

Indexing Service - code Samples for Indexing Service Interfaces

Indexing Service - Performance Tuning Indexing Services

Indexing Service - Ifilters

General information about Ifilters. What is an Ifilter? How does an Ifilter work?

Indexing Service - Indexing Service Query Language

A guide to querying with the Microsoft Indexing Service Query Language, with sample queries.

Indexing Service - Indexing Service Noise Words

A brief introduction to noise words and how to edit the default noise word lists.