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ArchiverFS - Free File Server Archiving Software

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Yes, an absolutely free production ready solution.

Yup you read that correctly! ArchiverFS now comes with a completely free licence when you download it.

Initially released in 2002 ArchiverFS has become a regular feature in many corporate environments and currently supports in excess of 100 Petabytes of migrated files across several hundred sites around the world.

You get all the features of the paid for version including:

  • The ability to migrate old files from any UNC path to any UNC path. At last a use for that old SAN\NAS device!
  • A variety of links that can be left behind in place of migrated files.
  • NTFS from start to finnish with directory structures, file attributes and permissions maintained at all times.
  • Huge scalability as no database is used for the storing of files, pointers to migrated files or even file Metadata.
  • And a whole lot more which you can find details of over at the main product page.

The free licence doesn't time expire, you don't have to register and then get bombarded by marketing emails and we won't call you constantly chasing a sale. Just download, install and use.

So why are we giving a licence away for FREE?

Simple, it's because we realise that not everyone has a multi-Terabyte enterprise grade file system. If you have a file system that is on the scale of a few GB's then you probably won't want to spend $1000+ on a file system archiving solution, we get it and we won't try to sell you a licence.

Instead, have a copy on us, for free.

All we hope is that if you use it and it helps you, you'll tell someone about it. Either online with a backlink to our website or face to face to a colleague or acquaintance.

Either of those things helps us by spreading the word about ArchiverFS. A backlink to our website helps other people find us, and maybe the person you tell about us will tell someone else who will then end up purchasing a licence for a big project.

So what's the catch?

There really isn't one. You get a completely free file server archiving product that will let you configure up to 5 scheduled jobs. The only limitation is a cap of 100 items processed for each run of a job, that's it.

Making the most of your free licence.

One tip.. use all 5 jobs! As each job is limited to processing 100 items each time it runs using all 5 available jobs will ensure you get the maximum file processing from your free licence.

What next?

Please feel free to download a copy of ArchiverFS here.

Pricing information for the different licencing options can be found here.

One last thing.

If you have any feedback for us including requests for improvement, configuration or deployment questions or if there is anything else on your mind please don't hesitate to contact us.