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ArchiverFS - Compression And Deduplication.

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How to compress and deduplicate your archived files.

ArchiverFS works at the file system level, only using functionality that is built into the Windows kernel. As such it is fully compatible with just about every single Windows feature, including file system compression and de-duplication.

We don't use any third party drivers or client side software so seamless integration with the full Windows server feature set is incredibly easy.

Compressing your old files.

Windows File and Folder Compression has been around for years. At some point most of us have right clicked on a folder, clicked on 'Properties', clicked on 'Advanced' and then ticked the 'Compress contents to save disk space' checkbox. Enabling the compression of migrated files is as easy as doing this on the target folder for each archive job. The compression setting will then inherit down through the directory structure and it will be set on any new files that ArchiverFS migrates.

What most people don't know is just how efficient Windows File and Folder compression is. When used against text based content, compression ratios of 90%+ are possible. What's more, as files are compressed in memory before they are written to disk enabling File and Folder Compressison can actually save on disk IO.

De-duplicating your old files.

Just like Windows File and Folder Compression, ArchiverFS is fully compatible with Windows built in de-duplicaiton.

Setting up de-duplication is really easy, just install the de-duplication feature using Server Manager under 'File and Storage Services'. Then once done go to 'File and Storage Services' in the Server Manager Dashboard, find the volume that contains the files you wish to de-duplicate, right click on it and then click on 'Configure Data De-duplication'.

Getting further help.

If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us via

Microsoft have several excellent guides on enabling de-duplication on a Windows server. You'll need to be running Windows Server 2016 or later to use the feature..

See this guide for more details:

How much space can you save.

The exact amount of space you can save will vary (see, but given that it is basically a free feature and there are very few downsides to enabling it most companies will benefit from setting it up. As ArchiverFS stores old files as flat files and folders you can take full advantage of the feature to not only save space in your live file system, but also shrink the space files take up on your second tier storage.


We have tested ArchiverFS with de-duplication and it is completely compatible, but you should make sure that you test any applicaitons which interact with your file system to make absolutely sure they will work with it. In our experience the applications that you are most likely to encounter issues with are backup products.